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Who is Sea Breeze Dentistry?

Sea Breeze Dentistry is a dental clinic – with a built-in laboratory – that offers a one-stop destination for all your dental care needs. Our facility is located along Nepean Highway Seaford.

We are a team of industry professionals who take pride in being in charge of your dental health. We cater to all your needs, from basic check-ups to advanced dental procedures. Our in-house dental lab manufacturers are also here to ensure you’ll get back to smiling with confidence as quickly as possible.

Our customer-centric services and our family-oriented facility are providing a new dental haven to Seaford locals. Word-of-mouth recommendations have been spreading like wildfire. We expect more and more people to visit the Seaford area for more than just its fishing spot, picnic facilities, and natural attractions. You’ll be visiting us for the best dental services and the warmest of welcomes!

Full Dentures in Seaford Victoria

Our Team

Dr Katie (Lead Dental Prosthetist)
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Dr Hani (Senior Dentist)
Katie_ Bellyboo
Dr Peter (General Dentist)
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Freshta (Dental Assistant)
About Us
Mansi- (Oral Health Therapist)
Steven (Lab Technician)
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