Acrylic Partial Denture

Acrylic Partial Denture

Acrylic Partial Denture are removable false teeth which fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth.

The gum coloured, acrylic material from which the partial dentures are made, forms the supporting structure of the device into which artificial teeth are inserted, producing a robust and natural-looking replacement for missing teeth. 

Acrylic Partial Denture

Why should one go for Acrylic Partial Denture at Sea Breeze Dentistry?

At Sea Breeze Dentistry, we provide Acrylic partial dentures services to patients who need help. The partial acrylic dentures are made with the acrylic fabricated. The best part of this denture is it doesn’t need any metal substructure for the support.

This is the permanent solution for all your dental issues, like missing teeth and removable teeth. This is the need of every patient who is going through a periodontal disease like tooth decay. This is the syndrome where the bone and gums surrounding the teeth are impacted. The pain can be acute, but it can take the worst look if you don’t treat it well!
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Benefits of receiving Acrylic Partial Denture:

  • The best feature of this denture is you can replace this on the same day. That means you can walk out of our clinic with a bright smile.
  • This is a cost-effective solution and matches your budget.
  • Get a complete ultra-proof fit without any tension of removal.
  • It gives you back the confidence that you have lost.
  • The well-fit baseplate adheres to your ridges, jawbone, and palate best.
  • It has a metal-free design with durable and clear cast dental techniques.
  • This is the ultimate ideal option when the bridges and implants are not an option.
  • It can replace multiple teeth with only one appliance with great comfort.
  • You can get aligned, polished, and amazing brightening teeth less expensively with this.
Acrylic Partial Denture

What is the procedure involved in Acrylic Partial Denture?

  • To treat partial acrylic dentures, first, you need to visit us and get an oral checkup.
  • We will ask you for an x-ray, and once the report comes to our hands, we suggest the best diagnostic treatment to you.
  • We take the impression of your teeth and then share the mold with the lab to perfectly fit you.
  • After that, we helped put this inside and asked for a regular checkup.
Our Acrylic Partial dentures are fabricated with premium heat-cured denture acrylic. With us, you can get improve functionality and comfort. Our expert dentist will help you make the best possible efforts in each step.