Complete/Full Dentures

Complete/Full Dentures

Full Dentures in Seaford Victoria are used when the patient has lost all his natural teeth in the lower jaw, upper jaw, or both.

A full denture helps improve speech and chewing ability. It also restores facial structure that may have been damaged because of the missing teeth. And of course, replacing the lost teeth allows the patient to smile with renewed confidence.
Full dentures retained by implants
We offer Suction Assisted Lower Dentures, which molds to the natural shapes of the oral cavity and uses a suction mechanism to keep the denture in place. They offer greater stability and comfort and are an affordable alternative to implants.
Our dentist will check the conditions of your gums and oral tissues to determine if you’re eligible for this type of denture.
Root Canal Treatment in Seaford Victoria

Why should one go for Full Dentures in Seaford Victoria at Sea Breeze Dentistry?

The full dentures are the removable dental appliance that is a savior for those who miss their teeth. Patients who lost all their teeth should take this treatment.

This is completely comfortable and needs high maintenance. Wearing dentures is not that much tough when you come to Sea Breeze Dentistry.

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Benefits of receiving Full Dentures:

  • The full dentures are designed to make a person comfortable to efficiently perform all tasks you are done with your natural teeth.
  • Get easy & comfortable chewing without any restriction of eating food & drink.
  • Get your lost confidence & talk freely in front of people. It preserves your dentures in a safe & secure way.
  • Restore your smile by eliminating all the awkwardness by filling the teeth gaps.
  • When you lose all your teeth, the facial muscle will start sagging. By taking this treatment, you can improve your facial appearance.
  • It improves the structure of your oral bone that begins to perish. The partial dentures prevent excessive wear & tear and are completely removable.
  • It improves your speaking ability & gives you a natural-looking smile!
Full Dentures in Seaford Victoria

What is the procedure involved in Full Dentures?

  • In the initial visit, first, you need to talk with the dentist and be aware of the health condition.
  • The dentist will ask to take an x-ray to check the condition of your bones and detect the challenges that come in the future.
  • Once we check the report, we start making the cast or mold for both the upper and the lower gums. The expert dentist takes the impression of your teeth and sends it to the lab to prepare mold to fit you perfectly.
  • After that, you need to visit regularly to consult with the doctor, and for some tests, we will replace the loose tray with the actual final plastic teeth in the third or fourth visit.
By grabbing this service from our experts, you can get your lost confidence! We have the best dentist who has expertise in different dental treatments.