Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is used to replace a missing tooth or teeth. It’s made up of crowns that cover the anchoring teeth on both sides of the gap, plus a false tooth or teeth to fill the actual gap. It offers a permanent alternative to partial dentures.
Why you need a dental bridge?
A dental bridge is your ideal choice if you want false teeth that look natural. You’ll be able to speak and eat normally and move around without worrying about any removable appliance accidentally falling off.
Replacing missing teeth with a dental bridge prevents the remaining teeth from moving into the gap. It also helps you retain your facial structure by preventing bone loss at the part of the jaw that’s no longer supported by the missing teeth.
Dental Bridge

Why should one go for Dental Bridge at Sea Breeze Dentistry?

Do you have any oral complications? There are so many people who have missing teeth and cavities inside the teeth. A dental bridge is the best solution that you can take to recover from Bite problems, Chewing difficulties, teeth, or jaw pain.
A dental bridge helps to restore the function of your teeth. Through this solution, you can bridge the gap by consulting with our dentist.
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Benefits of receiving Dental Bridge:

Keep the teeth properly aligned
A dental bridge is necessary to keep your teeth properly aligned. By this process, you can get the right alignment.
Easy to chew
By using this treatment from the experts, you can recover from tooth pain. Are you feeling pain while chewing the food? With the dental bridge, you can get back the full functionality of the mouth.
Improves looks and appearance
Oral health is necessary no matter how tough it is. With this treatment, you can improve your look and appearance. This treatment will give you a better smile and boost your confidence.
Support dental implants
This process also helps to support the dental implants. Through Dental bridges, you can replace a tooth without a single incision.
3d render of jaw and implants with dental bridge over white background

What is the procedure involved in Dental Bridge?

  • The initial step is to start with the assessment. In this process, the dentist will check the entire oral health report and then decide which treatment you need.
  • They will ask you to examine the x-ray, and according to that, they gain a full understanding of the situation and which treatment they should start.
  • The teeth preparation and temporary bridge replacement therapy are taken by them to provide comfort.
Do you want to get this treatment? By visiting us, you can improve your teeth condition and improve your smile. Get a younger look by consulting with our expert.