Dental Implants

Dental Implants

We help our patients get the best treatment for tooth loss. There are cases when dental implants offer the ideal solution.
The patient will have to undergo a procedure that involves replacing tooth roots with screw-like posts and adding a tooth replacement that resembles the real ones.
We don’t offer dental implant surgery, but we can lay the groundwork for the actual procedure and work with the specialist who will carry it out.
Root Canal Treatment

Why should one go for Dental Implants in Seaford Victoria at Sea Breeze Dentistry?

When you are thinking of replacing the teeth which are misaligned, damaged then you may choose several options. But the treatment that stands out above the rest is dental implants. Dental Implants in Seaford Victoria offer benefits that keep your oral health balanced.

This is important when you have missing teeth and feel low to smile and talk in front of anyone. It can improve the visual aspect and self-consciousness.
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Benefits of Receiving Dental Implants in Seaford Victoria

Prevents bone loss
When you lose your teeth, it can also cause bone loss in your jaw. Dental implants are necessary for stimulating jawbones and preventing bone loss.
It matches your natural teeth
Dental implants come in various shapes and sizes. By visiting us, you can design implants that match the color of your surrounding teeth. We will give you the implant that perfectly fills your gaps.
The shape of Your Face
The teeth you have support the facial structure. But when you lose your teeth, the shape of your face also changes. It prevents the shape of your face and enables your natural speech.
Get rid of Cavities
Artificial teeth also help to prevent bacteria from building up in your mouth that cause infection. You don’t need to worry about dental cavities.
Root Canal Treatment in Seaford Victoria

What is the procedure involved in Dental Implants?

  • When someone visits us, we will ask them for dental X-rays and 3D images. With the help of this, we made a model of your teeth and jaw.
  • Once it is done, we also check the overall oral health condition and medication that you continue. If you have orthopedic implants, you may need antibiotics before surgery.
  • The expert dentist will continue the Treatment by taking preventive measures, and according to that, they plan the further Treatment by using an effective treatment strategy.