Oral Hygiene

You need regular dental exams to improve and maintain your oral health. During a general exam, we do a thorough assessment of your oral health risks. We check for the presence of cavities, gum problems, and diseases.

When to have a dental exam?

You should have routine dental exams every six months or as determined by the dentist. This helps preserve your natural teeth and oral health. Replacement teeth also need regular care to ensure they last long.

Why should one go for a General dentistry exam at Sea Breeze Dentistry?

Regular dental checkups are necessary for every individual to prevent gums. Cleaning your teeth from professionals is a big achievement.

If you want to achieve this service at an affordable cost, visit Sea Breeze Dentistry. We have a team of industry professionals who cater services like basic checkups to advantage dental procedures. This reputed clinic is working to ensure that you will get back your smile after receiving the procedure!

Advantage of receiving General dentistry exam:

At Sea Breeze Dentistry, the dentistry will evaluate the oral health issue and evaluate the signs of infection, gum disease, oral cancer, cavities, and other dental health problems. According to that, they will diagnose you.
With the help of our dentist, you can get rid of plaque and tartar. The plaque can cause gum inflammation, tooth decay that damage the condition of your tooth. A regular general dentistry test is a must to prevent upcoming dental issues.
When you visit for a checkup with us, our dentist will share with you the best possible tricks to maintain good oral health. They will become aware of the causes of oral problems: smoking, a bad diet, and Bruxism. By using our expert treatment, you can alter your lifestyle.

The procedure of general dentistry exam:

Teeth Scaling

Teeth scaling is done by removing hardened plaque and tartar below and above the gumline. Our dentist cleans all the way to the bottom of the pocket, finishing the process off with root planing and smoothing out the teeth roots to ensure the gums are reattached to the teeth.

What are the benefits of teeth scaling?

We go out of our way to ensure the experience is not anxiety-inducing for our patients.

Why should one go for Teeth scaling at Sea Breeze Dentistry?

Are you trying to hide your teeth to be captured while talking and smiling? Tooth scaling is one of the ideal choices to get back your picture-perfect smile. This is the simple and quick treatment that many individuals do from us!

The Sea Breeze Dentistry helps provide teeth scaling treatment by removing the plaque and tartar material. This process makes the tooth healthier and cavity-free. To get this treatment, you need an expert like us! If the process isn’t done correctly, you may face gum problems that also loosen your teeth and create so many oral health issues.

Benefits of receiving tooth whitening treatment:

By hiring a dentist like us, you can get rid of cavities. When a plaque begins, it eats the outer layer of the teeth called the enamel. This is known as sticky white bacteria that effectively removes the buildup!
Excessive drinking coffee, tea, and wine, tobacco can also damage the teeth and produce stains. Brushing removes can clean your teeth and polish them to look brighter.
By teeth scaling, you can avoid gums and tooth loss. Regular teeth cleaning can decreases the chances of oral health infections. It also helps to get rid of bad breath. By taking this treatment, it can improve your overall health.

What is the procedure involved in tooth scaling treatment?

We accept these health funds:

Sea Breeze Dentistry accepts all private health insurers and government cards like Australian Unity, BUPA, Defense Health, Latrobe Health Services, Medibank Private, NIB, Navy health, Peoplecare, Police care, Teachers Federation. and all major health funds. We have our own onsite ceramic dental lab with easy onsite parking and a disability-friendly access ramp.

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