Flexible Partial Denture

Flexible Partial Denture

We are proud to offer you an exciting flexible partial denture with the ultimate in comfort, aesthetics and durability. 

Like other partial dentures, flexible partial dentures are a removeable replacement for natural teeth that are missing due to accident, poor health or disease, but possessing different qualities than those of acrylic partial dentures.

Flexible Partial Denture

Why should one go for Flexible Partial Denture at Sea Breeze Dentistry?

Designed to replace one, two, or a few missing teeth, a flexible partial denture restores your smile, allowing you to eat and speak as you did before you lost your natural teeth. However, not all flexible dentures are equal, nor are they the answer to all patients’ partial denture needs.

It provides amazing comfort with an improved amount of elasticity. We are the leading dentistry who offers many dental treatments under one platform. We give complete tissue coverage so that you can get back the smile that you have lost for years!
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Benefits of receiving Flexible Partial Denture:

  • The materials used in this treatment have a hypoallergenic nature which is suitable for patients who have allergies.
  • The flexible dentures are made with flexible materials that give a lighter, thinner, and flexible framework. It gives comfort to the wearer.
  • Most of the wearers love this treatment because it gives aesthetic pleasure and an appealing look to your face.
  • This is affordable & available in different budgets so that anyone can grab according to their budget.
  • It completely fits your natural teeth and is the preferable option.
  • There is no need for metal clasps to hold the dentures & also no need to drill the natural teeth.
  • It gives complete peace to the mind of the wearer.
Flexible Partial Denture

What is the procedure involved in Flexible Partial Denture?

  • When you first visit us in the initial stage, we take the dental impression of your teeth. We send it to the lab and give you an instant dental checkup.
  • Since you are wearing dentures in your mouth for long hours every day, you need to be sure they do not pose a risk to your health. The materials used in denture manufacture overseas have not been subjected to stringent Australian safety standards that apply to Australian-made dentures.
  • When you choose southern Breeze Dentistry to make your chrome dentures, you are safe in the knowledge of working with a trusted, long-standing local, governed by strict Australian standards. We are experienced dental professionals who use high-quality material in a highly equipped dental lab guaranteeing you total satisfaction.
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