Full Mouth Treatment

Full Mouth Treatment

A full mouth treatment combines different dental procedures to restore your oral health. Our dentist takes a systematic approach that involves diagnosis, treatment planning, and risk management.
Why you need a full mouth treatment?

You need a Full Mouth Dental Treatment if you are struggling not only with tooth loss or damage but also with chronic pain — more so if the pain has started to affect your jaw and muscles and if you’re experiencing headaches.

Full Mouth Dental Treatment

Why should one go for Full Mouth Dental Treatment at Sea Breeze Dentistry?

Are you going through multiple dental issues? Does it affect your smile and appearance? If anyone is going through any oral health complication, they can reach us for full mouth treatment. This procedure is also known as smile reconstruction.
The ultimate goal of this treatment is to give you the best smile that you have a dream for. Our dentist will deliver the best result by using advanced tools and equipment.
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Benefits of receiving Full Mouth Treatment:

Oral health function
By using this treatment, you can improve oral health. You can enjoy all the mouth-watering food at a lower risk of receiving oral health complications.
Enhance appearance
With the help of this treatment, we design and restore the appearance. We will take care of your appearance and oral anatomy.
Improved confidence
We will bring the confidence that you lost. With us, you can achieve a smile and confidence and also get rid of headaches, jaw pain, chronic bad health.
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What is the procedure involved in Full Mouth Treatment?

  • When anyone first visits our clinic. Our dentist will check the overall health report of your oral health
  • Before starting the procedure, they will numb areas of your mouth with a local anesthetic. They will clean your overall mouth and the cavities and germs that build up in your mouth.
  • Our dentist will remove the plaque around the teeth and also help to remove the tartar using the ultrasonic device that uses vibrations.
  • With the help of us, you will receive polished teeth and can also continue your treatment.
By visiting us, you can improve the overall condition of your oral complexities. We have the best dentist who gives you a free consultation and suggests the best possible treatment.