Inlays and Onlays

Inlays and Onlays

Also called partial crowns, inlays and onlays are tooth-colored restorations that are attached to the existing tooth to repair its shape and make it stronger. An inlay is an ideal option if the damage to the tooth has not reached its cusps. An onlay is prescribed when the damage has become extensive. Inlays and onlays are made from porcelain.
Why you need inlays and onlays?

These are ideal for teeth that can no longer be fixed with just basic filling but are not damaged to the point where you’ll need a crown.

Inlays and Onlays

Why should go for Inlays or Onlays Oral Treatment at Sea Breeze Dentistry?

Have you ever heard about getting crowns or fillings? Dental inlays, Onlays are oral treatments that are used to fill up small cavities. This is used by the dentist used when the decay is deeper.

There may be some time when you feel that filling is not enough, and you need a crown to protect against dental decay. This is a more substantial solution than the fillings and delivers the best results to the patient suffering from oral complications.
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Benefits of receiving Inlays and Onlays:

Get recovered from a broken tooth
The broken and fractured tooth can make you feel awkward in front of the public. With the help of this treatment, you can get rid of that awkwardness.
Strengthen the structure
The damage is extensive enough, and if you want a large dental filling, this could be the best treatment. It will strengthen the dental structure.
Less injury
This treatment is preferred by most people because there is less chance of energy.
Inlays and Onlays

What is the procedure involved in Inlays and Onlays?

  • When you first visit us, our dentist will check the overall oral health and then numb the area where you have pain.
  • The dentist will eliminate the damaged part of your tooth. They will clean and disinfect the tooth and take an impression.
  • After that, they will make a permanent inlay or onlay and place them on the tooth.
  • If they don’t have the right dentistry tool to place this, then they will send the impression to a laboratory.
  • After that, when the treatment is done, you can again visit them to remove the temporary inlay or onlay.
After going through the overall process, you can do the treatment and get the right solution from the leading Sea Breeze Dentistry.