Metal Partial Denture — Cobalt-Chrome

Metal Partial Denture — Cobalt-Chrome

.Cobalt Chrome dentures have a metal base plate or framework that sits on and around the natural teeth onto which denture teeth are attached by acrylic.They feature a slim-fit design that’s much more comfortable and durable. They don’t affect the taste, texture, or temperature of the food you eat

Metal Partial Denture

Why should one go for Metal Partial Denture — Cobalt-Chrome at Sea Breeze Dentistry?

The cobalt/chrome/metal dentures are the alternative dental treatment of plastic dentures. This partial metal denture is made with a thin metal base framework that easily sits around your teeth.
It completely looks like natural teeth, but you need to maintain this to hold for a long time. This plate also contains the cobalt and chrome base plate that encompass the natural teeth. This dental treatment is considered one of the durable procedures worth the charges!
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Benefits of receiving Metal Partial Denture — Cobalt-Chrome:

  • This denture plate contains chrome and cobalt that give stronger and steadier support. It gives higher resistance to breakage.
  • Get amazing stability that allows you to get remarkable oral health in the minimum days! Get complete comfort & your lost identity.
  • Are you feeling awkward speaking and laughing in front of people? Don’t worry; this denture treatment will definitely help you!
  • These chrome dentures are lightweight and don’t make you uncomfortable to hold. There is no need to control your food cravings at all!<.li>
  • The less build-up of gums & cavities is also beneficial for maintaining hygiene. Get optimal stability & grip, fewer chances of breakage with this.
  • Get ultimate convenience and confidence to share your views with the public by eliminating all the awkwardness!
Metal Partial Denture

Why Choose Sea Breeze Dentistry in Metal Partial Denture — Cobalt-Chrome?

  • When you first visit us in the initial stage, we take the dental impression of your teeth. We send it to the lab and give you an instant dental checkup.
  • Since you are wearing dentures in your mouth for long hours every day, you need to be sure they do not pose a risk to your health. The materials used in denture manufacture overseas have not been subjected to stringent Australian safety standards that apply to Australian-made dentures.
  • When you choose Sea Breeze Dentistry to make your chrome dentures, you are safe in the knowledge of working with a trusted, long-standing local, governed by strict Australian standards. We are experienced dental professionals who use high-quality material in a highly equipped dental lab guaranteeing you total satisfaction.