Orthodontics Assessment

Orthodontics Assessment

During an orthodontics assessment, our dentist examines the patient to check for problems with their bite or the placement of the upper and lower jaws. We’ll also assess how spaced out the teeth are along the jaws.
How does it work?
We take a panoramic x-ray to check if you have impacted or missing teeth. We also check if your alveolar bone is strong or dense enough to withstand the movement that happens during orthodontic therapy.
Lastly, we take bite impressions by pouring alginate into little trays and inserting it into the patient’s mouth.
Why would you need an orthodontic assessment?
The results of our assessment allow us to study the placement of your teeth and your bite and figure out the direction of the treatment.
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Why should you go for Orthodontics Assessment at Southern Breeze Dentistry?

According to most people, it is good to start orthodontic treatment in a teenager. However, as per the recent studies and developed advanced treatment, it is possible to even at a young age too.
As a parent, it’s necessary to bring your child to dental care for an orthodontic evaluation at the age of 7 to 9. The orthodontist will identify the areas where you have problems and then start resolving them one by one. By performing this at an early age, you can reduce the discomfort of your child.
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Benefits of receiving Orthodontics Assessment:

Creating space for New Teeth
When your child’s permanent teeth come in their mouth, get crowded. These teeth can have bad alignments, and therefore the orthodontic creates space for the new teeth.
Potential Dental Issues
By visiting for this process, you can also get aware of the other potential pre-dental or post-dental issues. You can also find some other issues like mouth breathing, jaw shifting, and all that show you are going to face complex dental issues.
Oral Hygiene Habits
The regular visit to orthodontics also helps to adopt oral hygiene habits. If your kid continues to suck their thumb at the age of 3 and 4, then it’s time to tell them the oral hygiene habits.
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What is the procedure involved in Orthodontics Assessment?

Banding & Bonding
In this phase, the orthodontics will fit the bands to your teeth and attach the brackets using the special effect.
They will take an x-ray of your head which shows the relative position & evaluate the growth in jaw and teeth.
After consultation, they will also deband it on your teeth and take an impression and prepare a further treatment plan. They will make clear aligners and then align them to your teeth to fill the brackets on your teeth.
If you feel that the teeth are crammed together in the child’s mouth, then they may need to move or extract. For more information, you can take consultation from them!