Sports Mouthguard

Sports Mouthguard

Mouthguards are protective dental devices that cover the teeth and gums to prevent injury.
Use them when you’re playing sports. They’re also great for preventing damage caused by teeth grinding while you sleep.
We offer custom-fit and multicolor mouthguards.
Who needs a mouthguard?
You need a mouthguard if you engage in contact sports or noncontact sports that involve risks of falling. You also need it if you grind your teeth while you sleep (bruxism).
Sports Mouthguard

Why should one go for a sports mouthguard at Southern Breeze Dentistry?

Most people, including kids and adults, have an interest in sports. Sports help us stay healthy and fit, but it also brings injury. But there are so many things that protect you from those accidents and keep you safe in the worst condition.
Sports Mouthguard is one that you can make and wear by consulting with the Southern Breeze Dentistry expert. These are made with soft plastic that prevents injuries and protects your mouth from any injuries.
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Benefits of sports mouthguards:

Protection from tooth loss
Dental injuries are worst and more painful. By wearing this out, you can protect your tooth and mouth.
Reduce the chance of concussion
This is also helpful for reducing the chances of concussion. It secures your mouth when you fit this out correctly.
Protection of oral health
No matter what, it gives amazing protection from oral health. It gives a stable fit, but if you don’t know how to fit this, it will fall out, and you may fill difficult to speak.
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What is the procedure for fitting sports Mouthguard?

  • The dentist first brings a bowl of hot water and keeps them for 30 seconds to fit this.
  • Now they place the mouthguard inside that for 12 seconds.
  • After that, they remove the mouthguard from the water. Before setting them inside the mouth, they ask you to lick the lips.
  • Now you have to line up the mouthguard carefully around all upper teeth.
  • You can use your fingers to press the mouthguard tightly in the upper and lower section.
If you want to remove it, keep it aside in the bowl of cold water. If you are a player, you should come to us. Our experts will help you in the best possible way.