Tooth Extraction

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth from its socket in the bone.
We do everything we can to save a tooth, but sometimes an extraction is necessary. This usually happens when tooth decay has become pervasive, a wisdom tooth is impacted, or there’s not enough space for orthodontic devices.
We go out of our way to ensure the experience is not anxiety-inducing for our patients.
Tooth Extraction in Seaford Victoria

Why Should One Go For Tooth Extraction At Sea Breeze Dentistry?

The expert team of Sea Breeze Dentistry is ready to assist you with the best dental needs. The dentistry service offers multiple dental solutions that improve oral health. If you are going through deep decay or periodontal issues, the only solution you can get is tooth extraction.

There are some more reasons for this service, including the impaction of wisdom teeth and creating space for orthodontic devices. Removing teeth is always an ideal option if this is infected.
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Benefits of Receiving Tooth Extraction in Seaford Victoria

Get rid of the pain
If you feel discomfort due to the infections that have already reached your tooth roots, you need a tooth extraction for sure. If it is not treated on time, it can spread the infection all over the mouth!
Remove the problem from the root
It is tough to treat when the infection spreads all over your mouth. In some cases, it becomes more complicated and requires a complex process. It is good to extract that tooth from the root to get rid of all those processes.
Save the rest of the teeth

You can save your other teeth by extracting the infected and damaged teeth. Before the infection is contaminated with the other teeth, visit our Sea Breeze Dentistry expert. Make way for the beautiful smile.

Tooth Extraction in Seaford Victoria

The procedure of tooth extraction:

  • Tooth Extraction in Seaford Victoria can be easy and complex too. You have to go through the local anesthesia treatment for a simple extraction.
  • In a simple extraction, the instruments are used to elevate the tooth for tooth removal with the help of dental forceps.
  • In surgical extractions are performed, which are invisible. In this step, an incision is made along with the drill, which is precisely used for removing the adjacent bone tissues.
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